Promoting Intrinsic Motivation Among Learners

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Prayut Thaithani


This academic article presents four main tangible guidelines for teachers to promote intrinsic motivation among learners, namely 1) assignment; teachers should explain the purposes and importance of the assignment, assign challenging, novel and multi-dimensional tasks to develop various dimensions of intellectual skills, focus on exploration, experimentation, simultaneously fostering imagination and mutual work, as well as assign tasks that are consistent to learners’ interest, 2) evaluation; teachers should reduce the importance of the external evaluation by considering efforts, development and achieving standards, providing feedback with sufficient detail, paying attention to the meaning of grades learners get, and clear and fair grading criteria, 3) freedom; teachers should provide learners self-determination, only necessary assistance, and cultivate learners to be responsible, motivate learners to feel self-esteem and pride, and 4) classroom climate; teacher creates a climate in the classroom that promotes acceptance, value, security, and not feeling inferior or afraid of shame.


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