The Effects of Psychologocal Training on Goal Setting to Learn of Secondary Education Grade 3 Students

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Radarat Yoomimai
Prayut Thaithani


     The purpose of this experimental research was to study the effects of psychological training on goal
setting to learn of 720 secondary education grade 3 students at Suranaree Witthaya, Nakhon Ratchasima,
Thailand. Selected 58 students whose learning goal scores had an average of 1.00-1.74 used for this study
were students which means they had unclear learning goals total. 20 students from those 58 were voluntarily
participation enrolled and arranged into two pairs of sample groups, 10 of them from each group, and then
matched pairs into experimental and control groups. Instruments used in the experiment were the 4 weeks
2 days psychological training program, and 2) The questionnaire of goal setting to learn. The statistical
method for analyzing data was t-test.
     The research results were found that : The experimental group’s had goal setting to learn scores were
statistically higher than pretest at the .01 level of significance. The experimental group had goal setting to
learn posttest scores statistically higher than the control group at the .01 level of significance.


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