Relationship between Key Factors of Operation Management Affecting the Operation Cost in Phetchabun Small and Medium Industrial Entrepreneurs: Variables in Manufacture Defect and Operating Times

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Kritchai Khowjoy


This research studied the key factors of operation management in machine support, work instruction, material management, worker efficiency, operation system, and waiting process aspects affected to operation cost through the defective and operating times of small and medium industrial entrepreneurs (SMI). The population was small and medium industrial entrepreneurs in Phetchabun who for the government’s reorganization project. The research used 259 questionnaires to collect data. The researcher collected data with purposive sampling. Statistical analysis used descriptive statistics analysis and structural equation model analysis. The research results showed that (1) the research model was consistent with empirical data (Chi-square/df = 2.531, GFI = 0.949, CFI = 0.948, NFI = 0.917, IFI = 0.948, RMSEA = 0.077, RMR = 0.032), and (2) the key factors of operation management in machine support, work instruction, material management, worker efficiency, operation system, and waiting process aspects had a significant, positive indirect effect on the operation cost through the defective and operating times.


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