The School of Educational Studies, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU) has initiated the creation of its academic journal since B.E. 2544 to be the dissemination source of academic works of its professional staff and graduate students.  The journal is characterized as a compiler of academic articles.  It had existed in its original format since B.E. 2544 until B.E. 2547, and then in B.E. 2548 the School of Educational Studies had adapted its format to be in line with the criteria determined by the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education and entitled it as “STOU Education Journal”.  In B.E. 2554, it received evaluation in the Thai-Journal Citation Index (TCI) in the format of printed journal, and in B.E. 2562 the School of Educational Studies issued the journal in the format of electronic journal.  At present, STOU Education Journal has been evaluated to be in the Tier 1 of TCI (January 1, B.E. 2564 – December 31, B.E. 2567).

Objectives (Focus and Scope)

      STOU Education Journal has the following objectives:

          1.To be the source for dissemination of academic works of professional staff, academics, graduate students in education, education personnel, and interested persons in general;

          2.To be a forum for discussion on educational issues in order to create understanding and development of educational science in the Thai society; and

          3.To be beneficial for the development of the education profession and promotion of the creation of learning society.

The Publication Scope and Policy

          The scope of contents of articles published in STOU Education Journal comprises contents concerning the fields of study in education science as follows: educational administration, educational technology and communications, lifelong education, guidance and psychological counseling, curriculum and instruction, research and statistics in education, and educational measurement and evaluation.

The Copy Right Policy

          The opinions that appear in articles published in STOU Education Journal must be considered to directly belong to the article author(s), and not the opinions of or under the responsibility of STOU Education Journal.

          Every article must have passed the screening evaluation from at least two experts in the study field or related study fields through the double-blind peer review system.  As such, the editorial board has the right to revise the article as deemed appropriate.

          The articles, contents, and information, etc. that are published in STOU Education Journal are considered to be under specific copy right of the School of Educational Studies, STOU.  If any person or any work agency wants to take any part of any article or information for publication, that part must be published under quotation with proper citation or footnotes.  In case some people or work agencies want to take the whole article for further publication or for any other action, they must have received prior written permission from STOU Education Journal or the School of Educational Studies, STOU.