Investigation of Relationships between Interesting and Recommending Products on E-commerce Website


  • ธวัทชัย สุวรรณพงค์
  • แสงนภา หิรัญมุทราภรณ์


product recommendation, product promotion, product relation, e-commerce


Recommendation system is one of the success keys used for driving online business. It is employed to assist in screening products matched the needs of customers, as well as satisfying to customers. Although study on effects of recommendation systems to product sales without verifying the actual sales is difficult, product recommendation is still one of strategies in marketing plan. This work investigates relationships between interesting and recommending products, including a variety of recommending products on a popular e-commerce website. Due to a variety of products affects purchasing decisions, the purchasing decisions directly affect product sales. The study results indicate that almost all recommending products are not related with their interesting products. Moreover, some of recommending products and their interesting products are competitive. The results are consistent with the recommending products randomly selected from several retailers, which might cause confusion to customers that impacts purchasing decisions.


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