Business Excellence Model for Trading Development of Mango Fruit in Exporter Chachoengsao Province


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  • เพ็ญศรี ปักกะสีนัง
  • สุชานาถ พัฒนวงศ์งาม


Model, Mango fruit, The second order factor analysis


The objective of this research is toproposebusiness excellence model for trading development of mango fruit in exporter Chachoengsao Province.The researcher collected the sample of 69 people with random sampling from a list of exporters.The research instrument was the questionnaire which had already passed the Validity and Reliability Test. The data were analyzed by confirmatory factor analysis to explore the
influential factors, and the model was analyzed by the second order factor analysis.

The results were that the exporters in Chachoengsao were influenced by four factors: 1)holistic management, 2) value chain, 3) general environment, and 4) competitorsby the second order factor analysis, all of four factors were consistent with the statistical significance, and the confidence level was not less than 90%. The highest degrees of factors were value chain and general environment, and the weight of each factor was appropriate.


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