Strengthening knowledge of Cultural Diversity in Phutthamonthon District for Children and Youths


  • ถนอมศรี เปลี่ยนสมัย
  • เชาวน์มนัส ประภักดี,
  • สรรพารี ยกย่อง


Cultural Diversity, Phutthamonthon District, Children and Youths


district, Nakhon Pathom to strengthening knowledge and understanding for children and youths. By using research methodology in qualitative research append with operation of a community participation include of documentary research, a field survey with questionnaires, focus groups and observations, small groups disscussion and a seminar workshop for present and exchange an information all operated by local mentor, community leaders, children and youths include of related person who interested in this project. The results of the study are as follows: Phutthamonthon district has cultural diversity both original in community and new cultural that affected from the progress of technology and the city process spreading by the central city include of art and culture, local wisdom, history of community, religious institution, natural resourch, lifestyle and people diversity. And
our project operated information and knowledge from this research to strengthening knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity to children and youths leaders who interest and want to join the project. The point is to cultivate children and youths for making a creative non-fiction media and can live under changing of social and cultural
knowingly. And in the same time must have to realize a value of local cultural under take care of community at the same time.


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