The Design Approach for Thai Halal Products Packaging in order to Exports to Malaysia


  • พิบูล ไวจิตรกรรม


Halal product, Package design, Muslim Country, Malaysia Halal products


The purposes of this research were to analyze the concept of graphic style on Malaysia Halal packaging and to design the packaging for Thai Halal products which export to Malaysia. The graphic design properties have been investigated that consist of; 1) Picture 2) Typographic, 3) Color, and 4) Motif and graphic form. Data analysis which had been considered according to 3 categories of Malaysia Halal convenience
goods were: 1) Instant food, 2) Beverage and Snack, and 3) Seasoning ingredient. The research methodology was applied using purposive sampling size consisted of 1) Minister Counsellor, 2) Malaysia students in Thailand, and 3) Malaysia Halal products packaging. The research result would be using to set the design trend of Thai Halal products packaging which export to Malaysia. The result consisted of; 1) Thai Halal products packaging should be balanced with Asian and Western style, 2) Graphic Design on packaging should be meaningful and had a Halal mark, 3) Consumer behavior; Malaysian Muslims emphasize on Halal foods and follow strickly Halal principles, 4) Consumer Attitudes; Malaysian Muslims were trusted in Malaysia Halal products, 5) Purchase reasons; Malaysian Muslims were consumed nutritional products and high quality ingredients, and 6) Incentive to Purchase; Malaysian Muslims attended in standards of Halal products and image of international style.


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