Burnout of registered nurses in a medical correctional hospital



burnout syndrome, stress , medical correctional hospital


 The objective of this research was to study the burnout level of registered nurses and analyze the association between stress and burnout level in a medical correctional hospital.  Sample size recruited was 134 sets of data, data collection was between March 10 – 31, 2023. Percentage, mean, standard deviation, and multiple logistics regression statistics were conducted.

The overall level of registered nurses’ burnout was low, which was categorized normal, with 54.8%. The group with a moderate level of burnout, considered the risk group, with 29.6%.  The high-risk group, classified with a tendency to burnout was 14.8%. Those with high stress level was 6.29 times the risk of burnout compared to the low stress group (p-value = 0.006).

 Recommendation is that administrators should use the research results as guidelines for promoting mental health care in prisons and correctional facilities, such as assessing, screening, mental health evaluation, counseling clinic, as well as being a guideline to promote mental health for other personnel in prisons and correctional institutions of the Department of Correction.


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