Professional Development Needs of In-Service English Language Teachers in Thailand

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Kornwipa Poonpon


This study, conducted on behalf of Thailand TESOL, investigated English language school teachers’ professional development needs. The participants were 4,220 English language teachers in Thailand. An online questionnaire was randomly distributed via e-mails, a website, personal contacts, and Line groups. The four Likert-scale questionnaires asked the participants to complete five main parts, including 1) demographic information, 2) knowledge and skills development needs, 3) pedagogical development needs, 4) technological development needs, and 5) needs for involvement in future Thailand TESOL’s activities. The questionnaire data were quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed using mean, standard deviations, percentages, and content analysis. The results showed that the teachers mostly needed to develop speaking, listening, pronunciation, and cross-cultural communication. Grammar and vocabulary were areas that needed to be improved the least. The teachers also needed to develop many pedagogical skills, e.g., creative material development, teaching speaking, game-based learning approach, 21st-century teaching management, teaching listening, and CEFR-based teaching. For technological development, most teachers needed to understand the technology-based/blended learning approaches and practice their technology and online material development skills. The study also revealed aspects of professional development, including preferred training designs, types, time duration, and channels. The results are helpful for policymakers, course designers, training organizations, and, of course, Thailand TESOL to provide appropriate assistance to meet the teachers’ needs and improve the English teaching situation in Thailand.


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