Information For Readers


Your contribution as a reviewer is very important to both the Editorial Team and the author(s). You can help by ensuring that you provide feedback to us on all four points specified in this form. Please keep in mind that authors have devoted considerable effort to preparing their submissions, and this should be acknowledged in the quality of feedback we provide them.

Manuscript review checklist

All manuscripts submitted to THAITESOL journal will have strengths and weaknesses. Very often referees focus their feedback solely on the weaknesses. We would like to ensure that they and the authors receive a balanced view of the overall strengths and weaknesses of each manuscript. So, in addition to detailed written feedback comments for the author(s), we should also like you to complete the checklist provided in the manuscript review part of this form.

Your detailed qualitative feedback on content of the manuscript

Please provide your written comments on the paper in the space provided. If more space is required, please use a separate sheet of paper to continue your comments and attach it to this form. This is particularly important for the author. Your comments should be constructive, specific, and offer clear guidance for improvement. Please avoid making general comments. Your role is not only to identify problems, but also to mention the strengths. It is very important that you provide suggestions how to make the manuscript more acceptable.

Rating and recommendation

The manuscript’s overall rating and recommendation part of this form (Part A and Part B) can be downloaded at the following link: