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Obviously, the person or people who was imprisoned by the final judgement on Criminal Law or other Criminal delegated Act, and after the impunity from the prison or penitentiary, he or she might unavoidably face the difficulties and frequently meet with the obstacles, in order to spend his/her life commonly, particularly in the society. Most of the people in the community won’t accept those people or Jailbirds. In some reasons, may be they are afraid of imprisoner, try to avoid and set apart of, or even reject those persons due to the feeling of disclamation on the wrongful execution, immorality, and miscreant. In fact, the reason of imprisonment might not be like the opinion that the people feel, some might be in jail because of intentional crime act or unintentional delinquency, negligence, or other reasons, consequently still, the society profoundly unconsents and unforgiven, right away. Another significant negative effect on the person, those who was in jail or penitentiary is the impact of provisions in most of the Laws, which stipulate terms and conditions in job applications, “to not commit the crime and under the final convict to imprison”. Or even in some case, the imprisoner is presently and normally working in the specific job position, the employer is legally able to fire or stand him/her off, if they know afterward and actually prove that employee used to be in jail before, for instance. Finally, the facts on writing could obviously be the reflect mirror to the general person and can be widespread and fortunately used as the reminding note or tools, to restrain the illegal offending and faulty.

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