Preparation and delivery of police services in Thailand 4.0


  • Police Major Monpipat Eiamjaras Police Science Royal Police Cadet Academy


Preparation and delivery, police services, in Thailand 4.0


The government has issued a policy for the administration of the country, which is the main policy of the currently government that is Thailand 4.0 policy, that can be said this policy is a vision of economic development of Thailand. However Thailand 4.0 policy has factors that will hinder to be successful with efficient and effective. There are three obstacles. Namely, human factors Legal and Capital Factors.

          Considering only the intention of the government to issue the Thailand 4.0 policy, it is found that is a development by the concept of production system to change according to technology. In Thailand, the concession system has been used to allow the private sector to administer. As a result, the power relationship between the government and the private sector is complicated. Although police department and police personnel are aware of the policy, the police department does not have enough capacity to develop them to fully respond to the Thailand 4.0 policy.

          This is the result of personnel who are not ready before the government policy. Including the key to step into Thailand 4.0 is the frequency of signal and transfer, which is the operation of the private sector. The government's work in self-development is therefore very important depend on the private sector.


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