Proactive Crime Prevention in Area of Bang-Yi-Khan Metropolitan Police Station

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Napatphon Poonphon
Sahaphat Homjan


The study on Proactive Crime Prevention in Area of Bang-Yi-Khan Metropolitan Police Station had objectives to study problems on using Proactive Crime Prevention strategies in Area of Bang-Yi-Khan Metropolitan Police Station and made suggestions to use such strategies in effective way. The qualitative research method was used with in-depth interview of totally eighteen key persons, from the Bang-Yi-Khan Metropolitan Police Station, community heads, people in the local community in the area and crime academicians.
The results showed that the Bang-Yi-Khan Metropolitan Police Station used crime protective measures as proposed in Crime Prevention Theory in 4 approaches. On place approach, they had checkpoints in high-risk area and tried to reduce the opportunity for committing crime. On problem solving approach, the station adapted inspection plans according to the current crime. On people approach, they made plans to trace people who had chance to do crime and on community approach, the station had community participation through community heads. The problems happened on discontinue strategy, shortage of manpower, equipment and budget and police in charge lack of knowledge about Law and personal health protection. The National Police Office was also suggested to use Proactive Crime Prevention strategies for all police stations and Bang-Yi-Khan Metropolitan Police Station was suggested to solve all problems occurred.

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