Policy and Mechanism for High Value Agricultural of Local Administrative Organization

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Wanwipha Tailangkha
Chot Bodeerat


The agricultural sector plays an important role in ensuring food security and generate income into the country. Upgrading production productivity and creating added value for agricultural products have originated opportunity and social equality, reduce inequality and develop an effective government management system. The objective of this article is to study the policies and mechanisms for the promotion of high value agriculture of local government organizations and analyze the trend of promoting high value agriculture of local government organizations. It was found that the important policy was upgrading the potential of farmers to agricultural entrepreneurs of the future and develop the infrastructure and agricultural facilities to be ready to support the production potential. By using the mechanism for providing information providing training personnel support and budget. As for the trend of promoting high-value agriculture, it was found that local government organizations needed to receive significant support from Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and Department of Agricultural Extension on the issue of surveying information related to agriculture, preparation of agricultural development plans at the sub-district level, surveys to help prevent pesticides agricultural, vocational training, assembling and developing groups and distribution in driving agricultural area management and agricultural standards policy. In addition, incorporation of community agriculture committees private network and civil society, is a great importance to push forward high-value agricultural policy to be able to operate at its full potential.

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