Administration of Habour Order of the Marine Department according to the Sustainable Administration Concept

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This study aims to study the problem. Developmental guidelines for administration. To manage the Harbor Department's fleet management according to the concept of sustainable management, and to study the management strategy for the Harbor Department's management of the Harbor Authority, based on the concept of sustainable management. Methodology is mixed research. Focus on quantitative research and use qualitative research as a supplement. Use questionnaire as a tool to collect data. The questionnaire was tested for validity. 0.88 and reliability were 0.88. The study population was composed of 2,350 members. The sample consisted of 1,250 samples using TARANAMAN data analysis. Descriptive statistics, mean, standard deviation. Multiple regression And Pearson's correlation coefficient. And interviews with 9 key informants in one-on-one interviews. The study indicated that (1) The management problem is important. The Harbor Department has organized the mooring without question. Or evaluate the needs of the water carrier. (2) The key management development approach is The Harbor Authority should set clear policies and plans for the organization of the boat landing. And should listen to comments, suggestions and complaints from the operator. and (3) the Harbor Department should set and adopt a management strategy to regulate mooring according to the concept of sustainable management that consists of five areas to be deployed in planning.


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