Result of the Development of Empowerment in the Active aging

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ดร.พุทธชาติ แผนสมบุญ


This article studies result of the development of empowerment in the active aging. The data was collected from three groups: (1) 3 community leaders, (2) 2 officers in District Health Promotion Hospital, and (3) 8 project participation active aging. Research area is at a community in Moo 2, Nong E-poh Village, Dan Chang Sub-District, Dan Chang District, Suphanburi Province. From the study of the changes in the empowerment of the active aging found that the elderly understands the concept of holistic health and status of active aging. In conclusion of the change in cooperation or the overwhelming enthusiasm for participating in the process of empowerment active aging to the learning behavior of the elderly who value the participation of activities. Which this change is the factor leading to other changes. For example, more concentration on learning in each activity. It was found that the empowerment of the active aging changed in a better direction which is able to conclude the process of developing the empowerment in active aging is divided into three steps: Step 1: “Self-understanding ... dare to step out”., Step 2 “Vigorously join activities for the community”. Step 3 “Extending the results for sustainability”


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