Promoting democratic principles Grantham's bureaucracies

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Chantip Chamdermpadejsuk


The purpose of this article is Education, promoting democratic principles Grantham's bureaucracies. This qualitative study is detailed below.Social politics in Thailand then occurs in the year 2475 that change comes from the sombunnaya regime of rights South in both 2 for this format. Are identical by using legal, which is the format that is used to solve the problems of society in each of the eras that are based on the wisdom of ancient people understood that their sombunnaya rights South is a format that is as complete as possible?But another era, one see that democracy is the most complete format, which seems both people's understanding of this is correct, but the age 2 when new age today. Returns showed that parents are increasingly complex, therefore, is of the opinion that all domination 2 it doesn't solve the problem, because the real problem occurs so much can not maintain the peace of the country.When reviewed in Buddhism found that thammathiptai can bring support, promote the optimization of primary politics. Sustainable principles of translating puz find niyot transactions. The Buddha said that if there is a thriving democracy, because it inevitably thammathiptai parable-like body, or a robot. Section thammathiptai like minds or robot, robot, that is good, there must be people who have an intellectual force so they can continue to goal without a disaster.


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