Tourist Behavior and Satisfaction of Using Boutique Hotels Service in Bangkok Metropolitan

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Poompat Thongkam
Chawalee Na Thalang


The objective of this study were: to study tourist behavior and satisfaction of boutique hotel in Bangkok metropolitan. Researcher applied the quantitative methods through the theoretical study for questionnaire construction. The population of this study were 384 foreigner tourists using boutique hotel service in Bangkok metropolitan. Tools employed for statistical analysis were percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The study of respondent’s general information showed that the majority of the respondents were 234 males, accounted for 60.9 percent. Those 144 males and female were 25–31 years old, accounted for 37.5 percent. Marital status of single were 254 persons, accounted for 66.1 percent. The occupation of most respondents (116 people) were private employees, accounted for 30.2 percent. There were 126 respondents who had a monthly income more over 50,000 baht, accounted for 32.8 percent. Majority of respondent as the tourists (152 persons) came from Asia, accounted for 39.6 percent. Most respondents (168 persons) had been to stayed in boutique hotel 1-2 time as well as 3-4 time, accounted for 43.8 percent.  196 respondents travelled along with their friends who had friend, accounted 51.0 percent. The majority of respondents (349 persons) traveled by air plane, accounted for 90.9 percent.239 respondents mostly made the reservation from website, accounted for 62.2 percent. The majority of respondent (262 persons) stayed with 2-4 nights, accounted for 68.2 percent. Most of respondents choose the conservative nature and environment as their accommodation theme, accounted for 62.2 percent. Most of respondents (164 persons) retrieved hotel information via internet, accounted for 42 percent. The 146 respondents spent money for whole trip 20,001-30,000 baht, accounted for 38.0 percent. Finally, the 329 tourists need to come back to the hotel, accounted for 85.7 percent.


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