Modification of Structure, Process and Function of the Regional Administration Towards the Integration of Public Affairs

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Tuvatidha Suvarnarat
Saruphol Rajaphantarak
Somboon Suksamran
Anek LhaDhamtad


The purpose of this research was to study the ways of improving the provincial administration and the local administration. The province can integrate public services. To the people effectively. And effective. Qualitative Research An in-depth interview and analysis of 20key informants were conducted. The research found that Thailand. Reform of government into modern state. There is a distinction between King Rama V. for the regional administration, both of France and Thailand have similar characteristics and goals, namely the expansion of power from the central to the regional. The case of Japan is a group of houses. It is a village to combine the activities and activities of the village. In the UK Similar in origin to Japan. Local government Reform was seriously underway when the promulgation of the 1997 Thai Constitution and the Declaration of Declaration of Decentralization Act BE 2542 were summarized as follows. (1) The local government structure is not ready to perform its assigned duties. (2) There is a duplication of mission. (3) Provincial administration is necessary and indispensable in shaping administrative administration. Is present (4) The reform of the central administration of the lack of unification lack of integration of the eight together as detailed in the article.


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Suvarnarat, T., Rajaphantarak, S., Suksamran, S., & LhaDhamtad, A. (2019). Modification of Structure, Process and Function of the Regional Administration Towards the Integration of Public Affairs. Rajapark Journal, 13(31), 232–243. Retrieved from
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