The Role of the Government Manager of Thai Politics After the Dictatorship During 1988-2001

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Piriya Tosakulwong
Saruphol Rajaphantarak
Anek LhaDhamtad
Man Phattanothai


This research aims to study the context. Influence factors Thai political leaders after democracy in 1988-2001. And study the political role of Maj. Gen. Praman Adireksan, Major General Sanan Kachornprasart, Mr. Banharn Silpa-archa, Mr. Sanor Thienthong, Mr. Wattana Asavahame and Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban. Through in-depth interviews with interviews with expert reviewers. Key informants from politicians Most political scholars are closely related to 12 politicians.

Find out which context influences factors. The manager of the political. The factors that drive the role of government managers during these periods are: (1) the context and (2) the clear political situation. And the pressure of being a government manager in various forms, the existence of a viable government. Have the power to coordinate. Management in the before and after the establishment of the government. To coordinate and cooperate with the government and the opposition. To honor and care for those involved. Everyone is happy. Maintaining intimacy and being media friendly Newspapers and TV A person with personality Leadership is high. To allocate appropriate politicians and quotas. In terms of political roles, Is different I do "for the benefit of the nation", some focus on their own interests, mostly.


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Tosakulwong, P., Rajaphantarak, S., LhaDhamtad, A., & Phattanothai, M. (2019). The Role of the Government Manager of Thai Politics After the Dictatorship During 1988-2001. Rajapark Journal, 13(31), 287–299. Retrieved from
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