State Benefit Policy and Measures to Improve the Quality of Life of State Benefit Cardholders

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Burachat Jandaeng
Saowaluk Kosolkittiamporn
Sanya Kenaphoom


State welfare policy and development of quality of life for the poor. It is new for the people. So it is not strange if there are some problems and obstacles. That is technically a matter of going to the corrective action. But issues. The answer to the welfare of the low income. Relevant people may have to sit back, rethink or not exactly the point and point that the low-income people truly want. And measures to improve the quality of life. This is the second phase of the program for those who have passed the examination on the State Welfare Registration Scheme in the year 2017, with the principle of implementing the project to support the measures to improve the quality of life. Measures to promote self-development. And tax measures to support the development of state welfare holders. To provide welfare to the poor for a better life.



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Jandaeng, B., Kosolkittiamporn, S., & Kenaphoom, S. (2019). State Benefit Policy and Measures to Improve the Quality of Life of State Benefit Cardholders. Rajapark Journal, 13(31), 1–13. Retrieved from
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