New Public Service: A Case Study of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

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Viroj Korskul
Chalida Sornmanee
Chalermpol Srihong
Sittipan Buddhahun


This research aims to study types, methods and channels of new public service, public opinion and satisfaction on public services and how to develop new public services. Bangkok metropolitan administration is selected as a case study. Three methods of research are employed, i.e. field research, survey research and documentary research. The results of the research are as follows: 1) There are various kinds of public services operated by Bangkok metropolitan administration to serve the public. People from all sections are welcome to participate and are taking care of as relatives. Officials are service–minded and strictly abide by laws and regulations. People who come to the office are well informed about authorization periods. They may walk to the counter service or assign someone else to act on it. Furthermore, they can contact the office by telephone, Line, Facebook, E-mail and website. 2) Most people are founded that they agree and are satisfied with the new public services. 3) To develop new public service should concentrate on One Stop Service, expand networks by using modern technology such as social media and e-Office to make the services easier, faster and more economical.


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Korskul, V., Sornmanee, C., Srihong, C., & Buddhahun, S. (2019). New Public Service: A Case Study of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Rajapark Journal, 13(31), 55–68. Retrieved from
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