A Study of Identity of First-Year Students Kasetsart University

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Wiraporn Chanthasin
Thanasak Chanthasin
Manussthanun Supmee
Manassanan Hatthasak
Jittinun Boonsathirakul


This research has the objectives as followed: 1) to study the level of the identity of first-year students, Kasetsart University, academic year 2561, 2) to compare the identity of first-year students, Kasetsart University, academic year 2561 to variables in demographic data. The research methodology was quantitative research. Population were first-year students, Kasetsart University. Samples were 13,194 first-year students who took the online Identity Level Test in EduFarm or KU Learning Farm webpage. Simple random sampling was used in first-year students from every campuses who registered in the course Knowledge of the Land (01999111) and took this online Identity Level Test. Instrument used was the online Identity Level Test for first-year students, Kasetsart University. Data analysis was done by means of frequency distribution, percentage, mean, standard deviation in order to study the general aspects and level of Kasetsart University Identity in first-year students. Chi-square was used for analysis of the differences between demographic data and level of Identity of Kasetsart University. The results demonstrated high level of the Identity of Kasetsart University yielded, the “best” level were Integrity (Mean = 4.29, SD = .51) and Unity (Mean = 3.99, SD = .55) while the “good” level were Knowledge Creation (Mean = 3.99, SD = .57) and Determination (Mean = 3.94, SD = .54). The comparison between the Identity of Kasetsart University to gender, grades, faculties, and campuses were statistically significant different (p = .01).



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Chanthasin, W., Chanthasin, T., Supmee, M., Hatthasak, M., & Boonsathirakul, J. (2019). A Study of Identity of First-Year Students Kasetsart University. Rajapark Journal, 13(30), 292–305. Retrieved from https://so05.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/RJPJ/article/view/159988
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