Decoding Consumers 4.0

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Jusana Techakana


Thailand is moving onward with a new approach of Thailand 4.0, accentuating the importance of creativity, innovation, and technology.Within the foresaid context, consumers 4.0 have become citizens of Digital Nation characterized by virtual society in which people widely connect with each other through digital technologies. Consumers 4.0 want to live with more convenience, more comfort, and better quality; thus, they are willing to pay more for better quality of life. Under this situation, all businesses must be transformed to become industry 4.0, driven by and operated with digital technologies to respond to consumers 4.0 whose almost all dimensions of living have been digitalized. Entrepreneurs must collect Big Data to gain consumer insights with core competency being analytics, so that they can develop products and services in accordance with the principles of collaboration and co-creation between entrepreneurs and consumers.


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