Political regionalism in Thailand of Thai Rak Thai Party and Pheu Thai Party in North

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Viyavit Leenanuchai
Dhanasarit Satawedin
Sunhanat Jakkapattarawong


The purpose of this research was to study the region's popularity towards the Thai Rak Thai and Phuea Thai Party, creating a party's support base and the process of policing the party's people in 8 (upper) north provinces of Thailand. The study was a qualitative research and data were collected via documents, field works, and in-depth interviews with 20 key informants including politicians, Civil servant group and community leaders, as well as observing the sample groups and using the triangular data validation method to verify the data. According to the results of the Research, regionalism towards Thai Rak Thai Party and Pheu Thai Party in upper north were the pride and loyalty towards to Thai Rak Thai Party and Pheu Thai Party and the confidence in party institution which brings populist policies to reach the local grassroots groups. Creation of the party support bases of Thai Rak Thai Party and Pheu Thai Party in upper north provinces used the popularity of local people towards the populist policy of the party by promoting is the main point in establishing the voting base. According to the political socialization of Thai Rak Thai Party and Pheu Thai Party of people in 8 upper north provinces, populist policies and citation of the political event to fight for democracy were closely utilized in political socialization via canvass from the election candidates of the parties by speaking dialects and dressing by native style to create the party supporting bases to be the regionalism.



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Leenanuchai, V. ., Satawedin, D., & Jakkapattarawong, S. (2020). Political regionalism in Thailand of Thai Rak Thai Party and Pheu Thai Party in North. Rajapark Journal, 14(33), 13–31. Retrieved from https://so05.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/RJPJ/article/view/183139
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