The Use of Online Media to Decide to Buy Real Estate in Bangkok

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Duangnapa Chuenchit
Supachart Iamratanakul


This research is intended to study the personal factors; real estate purchase behavior through the social media channels and the social factors for decision to buy real estate in Bangkok area. Samples used in this study are the customers who want to buy real estate in Bangkok area with the total number of 400 persons. The researches tools are online surveys and analyze data with statistics that include average percentage, standard deviation, t-test, one-way ANOVA and Chi-square with the statistical significance level at 0.05. The results found that 1) the samples, mostly females aged between 36 – 40 years old, with bachelor degree. Earnings per month are more than 75,001 baht and are employed by private companies. 2) The different of personal factors such as gender, age, level of education, monthly income, and occupation influence the behavioral through the social media channels to make the decisions on buying real estate in Bangkok area. 3) The different of behavior through social media channels such as Website, E-mail, Blog, Social Network Service and Search in the decision to buy real estate in Bangkok area for each category are different.  The result of this study found that the Social Media Channel “The Internet search engine (” is the most popular from the samples. With this result, the organizations will use as a guideline for planning the development of communication strategies through social media for the business purpose.



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Chuenchit, D., & Iamratanakul, S. (2019). The Use of Online Media to Decide to Buy Real Estate in Bangkok. Rajapark Journal, 13(29), 15–29. Retrieved from
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