Rights Protection of The Farmer on Contract Farming

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Paramaporn Weeraphan


At present, although farmers in the contract farming in Thailand are protected by the Contract Farming Promotion and Development Act, B.E. 2560 (2017). However, the law does not protect the rights of farmers and does not cover all types of production of agricultural produce. Since an agreement for producing the same kind of agricultural produce has faced third  problems; the first issue is the problems in determining the number of contract parties in an agreement for producing the same kind of agricultural produce or services, the second issue is an avoidance of Contract Farming Promotion and Development Law, and the third issue is problems of Contract Farming Financing. This article aims to define a solution for protecting a right of the Contract Farming parties, as follows: amendment of the number of farmers parties in Contract Farming Promotion and Development Act, B.E. 2560 (2017), encouraging agricultural business operator to enter contract farming law, facilitating the financing of investment in the agricultural contract system. These solutions will lead to protect and impart fairness to farmers and agricultural business operator which will result in agribusiness in Thailand can be developed in tandem with the development of the quality of life of farmers. Also, these solutions will strengthen Thai agricultural industry stability and enable better potential to compete with other countries.


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