Comparison Study of Customer Satisfaction on Top Three Major High Rise Condominium at Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok

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Khanathip Khemthong
Tibrat Sangroengrob



The main aims of this research are to study about customer satisfaction and to compare customer satisfaction from buying high rise condominium on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok of company A, company B, and company C by using the questionnaire as the implement. The questionnaire has been approved about content validity and reliability with the significance of 0.904 To collect the information 450 samples of customers who buy high rise condominium with the three companies are selected. The used statistics are percentage, components’ analysis, and Multinomial Logistic Regression. This study found that the variables which affect to customer satisfaction from buying high rise condominium at Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok with the three companies can be divided into 8 parts comprised of environmental surroundings and facilities factor(Fac1)which is the most crucial; marketing support factor(Fac2); product factor(Fac3); personnel factor(Fac4); location factor(Fac5); price factor; down payment and cost estimate factor; services factor. The result shown that product factor, price factor, down payment and cost estimate factor, location factor, personnel factor, services factor, and environmental surroundings and facilities factor have the differences of customer satisfaction who bought the condominium with company A, company B and company C significantly at a 0.05 confidence level.


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