Strategy service of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority That is Friendly Environmentally

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Sarawut Daokongkaew


This research aimed to 1) study current conditions and assess the enterprise plan 2017-2021 of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority 2) to study the environmental impact caused by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority services, and 3) to define the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority's eco-friendly service strategy the samples were 320 employees of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority and 400 Bangkok Mass Transit Authority users. The questionnaire was used as a research tool. The reliability of the whole version was 0.87 and the key informants were related to the services of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority. There were 15 interviews. And group meetings are tools for collecting data. Quantitative data. Analyze the data by frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation. Qualitative data were analyzed using the SWOT technique and content analysis techniques were used. The results of the research revealed that 1) The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority service found that service personnel has a high level of opinions on the quality of the service. While the people who use the service are satisfied with the quality of the service at a moderate level. And the assessment results of the 2017-2021 Enterprise Plan of Bangkok Mass Transit Authority Found that users have opinions about the service, still have a problem at a high level. 2) The environmental impact caused by the service users has a general opinion in providing services at a moderate level, consisting of environmental pollution prevention measures. Should provide electric buses and CNG gas, and should provide free masks to passengers, and 3) the results of the executive review of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority that are environmentally friendly for executives and those involved in the formulation of the strategic plan Is appropriate to the main organization policy. And present to the director in order to drive the strategy to benefit the people who use the service.      


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