A study of problems and guidelines for solving problems of dropout students in Buengkan Technical College

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Metheesin Somumcharn


This study with the objective of 1) to study the causes of dropout 2) finding ways to solve the dropout problem of students at BuengKan Technical College. The sample consisted of 50 students who drop out from the academic year 2012-2014. The instrument used in the study was a questionnaire. The statistics used for data analysis were the mean percentage and standard deviation. The study found that 1) Problems of dropout problems for students BuengKan Technical College, the academic year 2012-2014, in overall, was at a medium level when considering each aspect, it was found that it was at a medium level. A dropout comes from 4 main personal reasons, student, environmental causes, educational institutions, and parents 2) The results of the analysis of guidelines for solving the dropout problems of students. BuengKan Technical College is divided into 4 areas as follows 2.1) Learners, should reduce the course, but since there are too many courses, should allow those who are pregnant before the age to come back to study, should cancel courses that students do not like, should allow students to work, should increase learning time to suit the learner's potential 2.2) Guardian side, should let the school reduce the registration fee, student should be enrolled on an hourly basis, should allow students to be able to test their physical and mental conditions when they are ready to enter further studies 2.3) School, should have a beautiful building, classrooms and landscapes, should support and promote sport and music activities and 2.4) Environment, should make a beautiful classroom for use and provide modern teaching equipment.


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