Factors analysis of desirable characteristics student in 21ST century from the perspective of operate staffs in hotels 4-5 star hotels in Bangkok

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panlop hamali
Prasopchai Pasunon


This research aimed to study combine the attitude factors of 4-5star hotel entrepreneurs in Bangkok. To the desirable characteristics of hotel students in the 21st century. The samples were employees working at 4-5 star hotels in Bangkok. The methodology is used questionnaires in this research tool for rating scale. The reliability coefficient of the questionnaire totaled 96. Data collected were statistically analyzed by and confirm factor analysis (CFA) to find the interrelated variables. Using purposive sampling in 4 departments Front Office Department, Food and Beverage Department, Housekeeping Department, Human Research Management, and Training. including the process of factor extraction and factor rotation using the varimax method. The results were as follows, There was 24 analysis factor for staff desirable characteristics of hotel students in the 21st century, Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) was 0.690, and Chi-Square (χ2) was 3830.608. The elements can be extracted by confirmation factor analysis (CFA). Which the researcher found that the composition and rotation 7 factors. All factors had a range of values of Eigenvalue between 1.328 - 9.119 and a cumulative variance of 77.606 percent of all factors. could be classified into 6 factors; creative thinking skills and problem-solving, operational skills, communication skills, information mass media and technology, language and culture skills, life, and social skills.



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