Trilateral Collaboration in Environmental Management of Bangkok Metropolitan

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Watana Aramtiantamrong
Sopin Payomratanasin


The researcher investigated (1) the characteristics of trilateral collaboration in environmental management of Bangkok Metropolitan. The researcher also examined (2) causative factors instigating trilateral collaboration in environment management of Bangkok Metropolitan. The researcher utilized a qualitative research methodology of which 30 key informants from the public, the NGOs and the people sectors. All were semi-structured interviewed in depth from purposive sampling in 10 target areas of ‘Chatuchak Model Project’ in Chatuchak district. The findings showed that there were similarities in the characteristics of trilateral collaboration exhibited in environmental management of Chatuchak district areas. These 8 target areas were comprised of school, office building, public park, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Or Tor Kor Market, department store, restaurant and hotel. Similarities were displayed in respect to formal collaboration between the public, the NGOs, and the people sectors by virtue of common participation in a project for collaboration in environmental management. All sectors participated voluntarily. There was sectorial interdependence and all shared resources. This resulted in all sectors coexisting harmoniously.


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