Methods and Impact of Organizational Politics

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Tuangthong Sinchai
Yothin Navabutr


This academic article aims to study politics in organizations. With aspects of methods and effects on the organization by studying from various researches both domestically and internationally found that the politics of the organization is a matter that can be seen in every organization, both government and private sectors and is often a matter of using power Influence within the organization which will have different forms and methods of politics whether it's an attack or to blame other people news control, visualization, creation of support bases establishment of alliances or political supporters, for example, the political methods used are both a matter of responding to personal interests It is about managing influence to achieve the set goals. Which is hoax dishonesty using power to negotiate benefits while the other side it's a matter of compromise? Coordinate the interests of different groups in an organization to resolve conflicts between different interest groups within the organization. In summary, politics in the organization has both benefits. And punishing people and organizations in the beneficial field, it will be good to understand human behavior in the organization and applied to bring good benefits to the organization However, politics is often used negatively. Waste a lot, therefore, this article will reflect methods and effects that may occur. From organization politics to control and apply politics in the organization to maximize benefits in operation makes it able to work more efficiently.



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