Using good governance principles in administration Prawet District office Bangkok Metropolis

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Sarawut Daokongkaew
Jeerabhan Chanwichian
Thanyanant Chansongpol
Banjong Somanee
Pada Vongurai


The objectives of this research were to1) study the application of good governance in the administration of the Prawet District office and 2) compare personnel’s opinions in the administration of Prawet District office classified by personal factors using a quantitative research model. Questionnaires with a reliability coefficient of 0.87 were used for collecting data. 113 personnel in the Prawet District office were selected as the study samples using a simple random sampling technique. Percentage, mean, standard deviation, and analysis of variance were used for data analysis.: The results of the research were found that: Overall application of good over nuance in the administration of Prawet District was at many levels. ( gif.latex?\bar{x} = 4.29). In terms of the application on each aspect of principles according to the means from the most to the least was ranked as transparency principle at the most then response, rule of law, responsibility, participation, equality, consensus, efficiency, effectiveness, and Decentralization respectively. It was also revealed that there were no differences in personnel‘s opinions among genders and education levels whereas there were statistically significant differences of those among age, positions, and monthly income at 0.05.


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Daokongkaew ศ., Chanwichian จ., Chansongpol ธ., Somanee บ., & Vongurai ภ. (2021). Using good governance principles in administration Prawet District office Bangkok Metropolis. Rajapark Journal, 15(40), 147–159. Retrieved from
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