Increasing Efficiency of Warehouse Management of A Frozen Foods Factory by Using ABC CSLP Theory

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Supakorn Charoenprasit
Choosana Tiantong


This study aims for investigating warehouse management and improving the efficiency of requisition process in a frozen food factory. Brainstorming technique and cause and effect diagram were used as the analysis tools for problem solving and increasing efficiency of the warehouse management. The ABC CSLP theory was applied to sort all products into 3 main groups by the frequency of requisition, together with the use of visual controlling in reducing order picking time for achieving the highest efficiency of warehouse management. The results show that order picking time for frozen fruit, reduces from 66.89 to 60.52 seconds per container, which equals to 9.52%. This also saves 0.11 THB per a container of frozen fruit. The similar trend is found for frozen food and frozen snacks: the picking time for frozen food reduces from 86.01 to 54.54 seconds per container or 36.59% lesser, and saves 0.51 THB per its container. The picking time for frozen snacks reduces from 65.96 to 33.50 seconds per container or 49.21% lesser, and saves 0.53 THB per a container.

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Charoenprasit, S., & Tiantong, C. (2022). Increasing Efficiency of Warehouse Management of A Frozen Foods Factory by Using ABC CSLP Theory . Rajapark Journal, 16(48), 30–45. Retrieved from
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