The Academic Administration Model in the 21st century for schools in Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

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Sodsai Srisawad
Sittiporn Prawatrungruang
Khwanying Sriprasertpap


This research aimed to 1) study the problems and needs of academic administration; 2) create and evaluate a model of academic administration; and 3) test and evaluate the style of academic administration in the 21st century of schools affiliated with Bangkok Metropolis. This study was mixed research. The sample group used in the study were educational institute administrators and 268 academic headteachers in Bangkok schools. The tools used for data collection were interviews and checklists. Data were analyzed including mean and standard deviation and analysis of variance. The results of the research showed that: 1) different school sizes affected the problem conditions and the needs of academic administration, especially in the fields of media, innovation, and educational technology and research to improve the quality of education; 2) the results of creating and evaluating the school's academic management model. The management approach consists of 5 aspects as follows: (1) curriculum development of educational institutions, (2) educational supervision, (3) media, innovation, and educational technology, (4) research to improve educational quality, and (5) educational measurement and evaluation; and 3) experimental results and evaluating the management style, it was found that it was feasible and useful. Overall, it was at a high level. And pass the feasibility and usefulness criteria for every item.


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Srisawad, S., Prawatrungruang, S., & Sriprasertpap, K. (2022). The Academic Administration Model in the 21st century for schools in Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Rajapark Journal, 16(45), 586–601. Retrieved from
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