Causal Factors that Influence Customer Loyalty for Hotel Industry: The Mediating Role of Relationship Marketing

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Paramee Tongnopkun
Vichit U-on


The purpose of this research was to study the causal factors of service quality, information technology, and the aspect of creating joint value. It has a direct impact on relationship marketing as a transmission variable that affects the loyalty of resort business customers in Thailand. To study the influence of relationship marketing as a transmission variable affecting customer loyalty in resort businesses in Thailand. and to create a model of causal factors and the role of relationship marketing as a transmission variable affecting customer loyalty in resort businesses in Thailand. There were 440 people in the sample group who were Thai tourists and those traveling to resorts in Thailand. The research instruments were questionnaires, analysis, mean, and standard deviation, and the hypothesis was tested by analyzing the structural equation model using the Partial Least Square method. The findings revealed that the service quality factor, information technology factor, creating shared value factor, and overall levels are at a high level. For studying relationship marketing and customer loyalty, the research elucidated the importance of understanding the influence and causal relationship pattern of relationship marketing's role as a transmission factor affecting customer loyalty for resort businesses in Thailand.

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