Organizational Communication Factors Affecting Human Resource Management Process of Staff in Saraburi Municipality

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Duangrat Thummasaroch
Makueta Hayiwaesorhoh
Zulkiflee Sai
Sormah Misa
Rasarint Thitiwachthakul


The objectives of this research are 1) to study the level of communication factors in the organization of Saraburi Municipality personnel; 2) to study the level of human resource management processes in Saraburi Municipality; and 3) to study the organizational communication factors that affect the human resource management process of Saraburi Municipality personnel. The research was mixed-methods research through quantitative research and qualitative research. For quantitative research, a sample of 124 individual staff in Saraburi Municipality, the Office of the Permanent Secretary, the Office of Public Health and Environment, the Treasury Office, the Engineering Office, and the Education Office Waterworks Bureau Strategy and Budget Division Welfare and Social Division Staff Division, Pawnshop Stratified. The sample was selected based on stratified sampling. A questionnaire was used as a tool for collecting data. For qualitative research, key informants consisted of 10 staff members in Saraburi Municipality. The sample was selected based on purposive sampling. A semi-structured interview was used as a tool for collecting data. Quantitative data were analyzed using statistics including frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and Pearson’s product-moment correlation coefficient. Qualitative data were analyzed using content analysis. Organizational communication factors and human resource management processes are strongly correlated (r=.734), with a statistically significant level of .001. The study also reveals that 1) the level of communication within organizations is high, with staff valuing discussion, opinion expression, and collaboration. 2) The human resource management process is also practiced at a high level, with staff capable of performing tasks to meet plans, rules, and regulations stipulated by law. 3) Organizational communication factors play a significant role in affecting the human resource management process. Therefore, it is important to focus on communication channels or media and exchange feedback to enhance staff performance.

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Thummasaroch, D., Hayiwaesorhoh, M., Sai, Z., Misa, S., & Thitiwachthakul, R. (2024). Organizational Communication Factors Affecting Human Resource Management Process of Staff in Saraburi Municipality. Rajapark Journal, 18(57), 398–414. Retrieved from
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