A Study of Needs for Academic Services and Utilization of Puranawas Temple Community, Salathammasop, Thawi Watthana, Bangkok

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Chalida Linjee
Kanokmani Homkaew
Krittidech Puttawattanaporn


This article aimed to study the demand for academic services and the utilization of Puranawas Temple Community, Salathammasop, Thawi Watthana, Bangkok. The research format is mixed methods, divided into 5 areas: academic knowledge, social and community, economic, resource and environmental, and policy, which cover the research framework. The study involved a sample group of 320 individuals from the Puranawas Temple Community in Salathammasop, Thawi Watthana, Bangkok. Accidental sampling was used as the selection method, with questionnaires and interviews as the research tools. The frequency and percentage were analyzed, revealing that the respondents were representative of the population in the area, and wanted to put the knowledge gained from academic service training to good use in topics divided into 5 areas sorted in descending order: 1) Economic: create additional careers and generate more income for the household. 2) Social and community: develop habitat and the well-being of people in the community. 3) Resources and environment: manage garbage and wastewater. 4) Academic: take care of health and disease. 5) Policy: develop a way of life. Findings from this research will be beneficial to Puranawas Temple Community, Salathammasop, Thawi Watthana, Bangkok, in providing subject services to meet the needs of maximum efficiency for the community and society. It is continuous community development. Become strong and sustainable.

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Linjee, C., Homkaew, K., & Puttawattanaporn, K. (2024). A Study of Needs for Academic Services and Utilization of Puranawas Temple Community, Salathammasop, Thawi Watthana, Bangkok. Rajapark Journal, 18(57), 253–265. Retrieved from https://so05.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/RJPJ/article/view/270838
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