Guidelines for enhancing service quality of tourism business in Chanthaburi for accommodation and restaurant

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อัจจิมา ศุภจริยาวัตร
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The purpose of this research was to study the quality of tourism service in Chanthaburi for business accommodation and restaurant business. Qualitative research an in-depth interview was conducted on the quality of tourism services in Chanthaburi for business accommodation and restaurant business. There are 18 tourists and 20 tourists who used to serve in Chanthaburi. The research found that the guideline to promote the quality of service according to the needs of tourists for business accommodation and restaurant business. The concrete aspect emphasized the cleanliness, safe services and fully equipped facilities. The reliability aspect, the service must be standard, regardless of the service at any time. Customer Response aspect, accommodation operators and restaurants must be ready and willing to provide fast service. Customer’s confidence aspect, the entrepreneurs must have an efficiency in foreign languages skills, courteous service, good manners and effective communication by making an impression such as presenting the identity of Chanthaburi and give the guests with the best service mind.


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