Learning Management Model for Changing Misconceptions in Science for High School Students

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The purposes of this study were: 1. to create learning management model for changing misconceptions in science for students, and 2. to study results of learning management model for changing misconceptions in science for students as the topics of 2.1) to compare misconceptions of students using between pretest and posttest score 2.2) to study students’ scientific attitude in learning management for changing misconceptions in science. The samples consisted of 22 high school students in the academic year of 2016. The research instruments were 1) 8 lesson plans, 2) science conception test, and 3) questionnaire measuring scientific attitudes. The research results were as follows : 1. The developing of learning management model had 6 components, which were (1) theory, approach, principles of instructional model (2) the purposes of model, (3) syntax of learning is consisted of 4 steps of 3.1) analysis of concept, 3.2) check of misconceptions,3.3) change of conception, and 3.4) learning management with new situation, (4) social system, (5) principles of response, and (6) supported system. 2. Result from using developed learning management model for changing misconceptions in science of high school students as follow (1) Comparing pre- and  posttests of scientific misconception, students who had learned using instructional model  to  change  scientific  misconception  had  decreased  in  scientific  misconception  score, and (2) students who had learned by the instructional model had high level of scientific attitude.


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