Developing a Model for Enhancing Responsibility Values of Prathomsuksa 5 Students

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              This research aimed 1) to study the components and behavioral indicators of responsibility value of students, 2)  to  develop the model for enhancing  the responsibility  value of students  and 3) to stud  the results of the model  for enhancing the responsibility value of Prathomsuksa 5 students. A sample of 20 cases was drawn from Prathomsuksa 5 students using Multi-stage sampling technique.  Instruments of this study were the model for enhancing the responsibility values of students and responsibility value assessment form. Data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, and One Way Repeated Measure ANOVA.

       The findings are as follows:

       1. Components of responsibility valu consisted of 3 components, which were 1) knowledge  and understanding  of  responsibility  value, 2) beliefs  in  being responsible, and 3) expression  of  responsibility. There were 4 behavioral indicators which were consisted of knowing duty, compliance with regulations, effort to achieve task, and acceptance the effects of actions on themselves and others.

       2. Model for enhancing the responsibility value of students consisted of 4 components which were 1) concepts and basic theories, 2) objectives of the model  and  3) the steps o  enhancing the responsibility  value 4) measurement and evaluation. The suitability of the model assessed by experts was at the highest level.

       3.  Results of implementing the model for enhancing the responsibility value of students showed that; students have higher responsibility values which the mean of scores after the end of activities and follow-up period were higher than mean scores before  doing  activities  period at  the  statistical  significant  level  of  .05.


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