Factors Predicting Utilization of Medicinal Plants of People in Li Watershed, Lumphun Province

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The objective of this study was to investigate factors, predicting utilization of medicinal plants. The study was designed by using the cross sectional survey method. Sample group was 321 households of villagers who settled along the Li River, near in Li watershed, Lumphun Province. Using questionnaires, in-depth interview and focus group discussion collected data. Data was analyzed by descriptive statistics, linear regression analysis and content analysis. The results shown that the medicinal plants utilization were the important role of the folk healers. The utilization of medicinal plants in the knowledge, attitude and practice about utilization of medicinal plants were in the modulate level (75.8 %, = 2.32, 1.94, respectively). The relationship between these age, using health service and knowledge had a relationship with statistic significant (p – value 0.001  0.008 and ≤ 0.001, respectively). The medicinal plants utility should has the co-ordination of local wisdom and healthy need in learning process and developing the strategies for the community


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