Perceived health status among pre-retired teachers in Sakon Nakhon Primary Educational Service Area 1

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The objective of this survey research to describe health status perception and to determine difference demographic characteristics on health status perception among pre-retired teachers in Sakon Nakhon primary educational service area 1) Data was conducted among 134 pre-retired teachers. Data was collected by self-administered questionnaire. The data was analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics. The results show that poor physical and mental perceived health status were 70.1% and 76.9%. Gender and chronic disease were significant differences in physical health status perception. In this study shows that teachers have poor physical and mental health status perception (p<.05). Health status perception has effects to health activities or behaviors. When health status perception is poor then there will be obstacle in the implementation of good health activities or behavior. The findings from this study can be used as a guide for planning problem-solving health behavior of pre-retired teachers.


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