The Development of Information Technology Aspect Learning Environment Based on the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy for Undergraduate Students

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โสมณุดา สัมมานุช
ธนดล ภูสีฤทธิ์
สุทธิพงศ์ หกสุวรรณ


This research aimed to examine the components, design, and develop the information technology of aspects in learning environment based on the philosophy of sufficiency economy(PSE) for undergraduate students. The results of system usage in the understanding of PSE, the desired of sufficiency characteristics, and the attitude to the philosophy to sufficiency economy were also investigated. The samples in this research were 1) 374 lecturers and undergraduate students of the university in the Northeast of Thailand to gather the survey results, 2) 7 experts to evaluate the components and the developed system, and 3) 50 students to experiment the usage of the developed system. The research instruments were (1) the survey about current conditions, problems, and requirements of the learning environment, (2) PSE understanding test, (3) the desired of sufficiency characteristics assessment test, and (4) PSE attitude test.

            The results found that: 1) the awareness of PSE and the information technology aspect learning environment were in moderate level, meanwhile the learning processes and assessments were in high level. The problems in information technology aspect learning environment, the learning processes, and the assessment were in low level, moderate level, and high level, respectively, 2) the system consisted of 3 main components. The input component comprised the information technology aspect learning environment and the contents of  PSE . The process component comprised to (1) determine the objective, (2) define the target, (3) analyze the quality, (4) define the desired characteristics, (5) define the development method, (6) define the development tools, (7) operate the environment, and (8) evaluate the results. PSE which consists with modesty, reasonability, and immunity was applied into the processes of hardware procurement, learning media development, and human development. The output component contained(1) the desired of sufficiency characteristics, (2) the understanding in PSE, and (3) the attitude towards PSE,  3) Regarding the developed system usage results found that the understanding in PSE , the desired of sufficiency characteristics, and the attitude towards PSE of the experiment group were higher than the control group statistically significant at the level of .05.


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