Translanguaging: An alternative approach to teaching Thai reading for Ethic group students

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Thitiporn Khaisaeng
Wichian Thamrongsotthisakul
Angkana Onthanee
Jakkrit Juntakun


In today's society, schools in the border  areas or the remote areas have a large number of ethnic students who come to study. Therefore, there is a problem about the teaching and learning management of teachers who have to teach students with multiethnic backgrounds in the classroom. It's  also one of the reasons why students would not like to come to school since they are  unable to communicate with teachers and their friends and unable to read and write Thai which is a standard language for use in learning. Moreover, most teachers do not know the languages and local cultures of these students, so Thai language is only used for teaching in the classroom which is extremely difficult  for both teachers and students to understand and to communicate with each other,   Language transfer,  therefore is an alternative  for teachers to teach  ethnic students in the classroom. This  will give teachers a better understanding of ways to put this theory into practice in the classroom in order to reduce inequality in education. It is also a guideline for teachers to improve learning in Thai reading for this ethnic group students.



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