A Study of Organizational Health of Schools under Nakhon Rachasima Primary Educational Service Area Office 2

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Thunyaporn Feuangwatanasinchai
Banjob Boonchan


The objectives of this survey research were; 1) to study the level of organizational health of schools 2) to compare the organizational health of schools classified by school size, and 3) to find the level of mental guidelines. The population of this study were 176 primary schools. The random samples were 122 primary schools. The research instrument in collecting data were standard questionnaires and the structured interview form. Mean, Standard Deviation and one-way ANOVA were employed as statistical analysis.

The research findings revealed that 1) the organizational health of schools perceived by the school principals as a whole were at high level. Considering each aspect, it showed the clear focus of school goal was at highest level, 2) the comparison on of the school organizational health classified by school size (large, medium and small schools), there was no statistical differences. 3) The persistent problem of organizational health of schools was lacks of supported resources to meet the school’s needs, for the development a guidelines were to survey the needs of school’s staffs, to provide the suitable and enough budget to buy teaching and learning materials, including to increase the resource donation outside schools.


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