Conceptual Metaphor about Teachers Based on Cognitive Semantics Vision in the Songs with Lyrics Related to Teacher Content

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Phitchayawee Thongklang
Thinnawat Sroikudrua


      The objective of this research is to study the conceptual metaphor about teachers based on cognitive semantics using the conceptual framework of Lakoff and Johnsen’s Conceptual Metaphor (1980, 2003). Collected information about songs with teacher content form the website to consider the accuracy and completeness of the composer, the singer and the year of the song’s release there were 85 songs used in the analysis. The structured and unstructured metaphors are analyzed and semantic grouping, lexical considerations are taken and the similarities between the analogy and the analogy are explained in order to link them to understanding teacher’s perspective. The results of the analysis revealed 8 conceptual metaphors of language users who compared teachers to different things, namely: TEACHERS ARE MODEL, TEACHERS ARE SHINING LIGHT, TEACHERS ARE HIRED BOATS, TEACHERS ARE SANDPAPER, TEACHERS ARE JOURNEY, TEACHERS ARE FIGHTER, TEACHERS ARE BLACKSMITH and TEACHERS ARE SCULPTOR. Think positively about the roles, duties and responsibilities of the teacher’s performance. Teachers must act as a good role model and be a guiding light. Teachers are responsible for teaching, education and polishing students to be good people. Talent teachers struggle with hard work and the uncompromising journey to serve. Teachers require effort, patience and determination to work hard to achieve goals and be successful.


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