Guidelines for Potential Development of Ceramic Business Entrepreneurs of Upper Northern Thailand for Export

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Benyapa Kantawongwan
Rujira Sookmanee


This research aims to study the potential of the ceramic business entrepreneurs in upper northern Thailand for export. The population and sample are the SMEs ceramic business entrepreneurs in the area of Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang, total 400 samples, which using a questionnaire to collect data. The result of the research showed that the overall potential of the ceramic business entrepreneurs is at a high level (mean = 3.98, S.D. = 0.87) By each aspect, it was found out that marketing aspect was at the highest level (mean = 4.21, S.D. = 0.23), purchasing aspect was at a high level (mean =3.82, S.D. = 0.29), Accounting and human resource management were at a high level (mean = 3.75, S.D. = 0.87, mean = 3.98, S.D. = 0.24) respectively.
The guidelines for potential development of ceramic business entrepreneurs of upper northern Thailand for export should focus as follows: 1. Marketing skills, include develop sales skill, product standardized control, purchasing skill, sales analysis. 2. Accounting skills, include costing calculation, determining the amount of cost and profit. And 3. Human resource management skills, include motivation develop skills, develop the skill in knowing innovation product, and training to gain the expertise.


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